Friday, February 17, 2017

I'm a Little Distracted

It's raining where I am right now.

I'm supposed to love the rain. But right now, I'm a little distracted. I'm a little uneasy. I feel so incompetent. Or maybe its because of the rain.

There are so many things I'd like to do. Yet for some reason, it seems that I'm not making progress. It's not that I'm not. It just seems that I'm not.

And its friggin' Friday! And I'm on a diet. Maybe, I'm a little distracted because I'm on a diet. I don't know. It feels that way though.

And the nanny can't look after my two year old daughter tonight. But I thought she was going to. She gave us a last minute legitimate excuse so God bless her. But me and my girlfriend are supposed supposed to go out tonight? How's that gonna work out? We already made plans. Now, I'm a little distracted!

I don't get it. I think I do but I feel I really don't get it. And that in itself is pissing me off so now I'm a little distracted. And saying it over and over again is definitely distracting.

But it's the weekend and there are plenty to be thankful for. But it's raining. Who cares?

And then I look around me and tell myself I'm dry and warm and the world spins just about alright. There's no reason to be distracted. It's just life.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How To Get On With Your Life... Wounded

We all get hurt. We all feel pain. We all experience setbacks in our lives and it sucks! And although, the intensity of hurt or pain are similar from person to person, it is the way we recover that defines us.

There are some of us who will get back on their feet immediately. While there are others who will hide like a hermit for months or years before they can finally recover. And there are those in the middle.

But what makes one able to get up on his feet and get moving? Is it the insensitivity to the situation? Is it the indifference? Is it the lack of emotional capacity. While all these are valid rhetorics, I believe that it is the will to move forward that separates those who take the time licking their wounds and those who bring their wounds with them to the journey.

The latter is hard to do but can be done. And to do so, one will need a great amount of courage. And I say this because every setback, big or small, carries some sort of discouragement. And for anyone to say that he/she didn't not feel a bit discouraged with any setback really didn't give his/her best to it.

Rejection is rarely embraced by losers. They know it's part of winning and see it as such. So you didn't close that multi-million dollar deal or get the opportunity to direct the next Star Wars sequel... so what? Yeah, it sucks and it hurts but that's fine. There are more opportunities out there and I need to seize them

You've seen movies where the lead character is going up against strong foes, being shot at and tortured, etc but still manages to make headroom and go save the day. That's how wounded warriors react in real life. They have a sense of urgency and they know that time is of the essence. They know that licking their wounds is normal and that they can lick their wounds while getting on with their lives.

You have to believe in whatever it is you are trying to achieve. If you are running after something you coined in your head, do not expect any other person to be as passionate as you. Tripping, falling flat on your face are merely obstacles on the journey to your goal.

Having faith is believing in something you cannot use your 5 senses with and yet decide to move forward and give it your all. That's never easy. What's on the other side isn't promised.

Yes there will be major setbacks. There will be naysayers along the way. Doubt may even cast a gloomy shadow along your path. When this happens, the wounded winners take deep, relaxed breathes and tell themselves,

"I can and will see this through no matter what!"


Recommended Read: The Dip by Seth Godin

Questions Without Answers

There are many questions posted by a lot of very intellectual people. Most of them are answered by a chosen few. Some questions though, remain unanswered.

Just like the way we live our lives. There will be chapters in our lives where we may want to know the answer to our question but we'll never get it.

It was meant to be that way. Sometimes, I just convince myself that the answer itself might just cause more havoc than anticipated.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How I Renewed My Interest In My Video Cameras For Under $7.00

I own a bunch of digital cameras aside from my iPhone. They've made me a ton of money from all the freelance video work I've done. And yes... the cameras have been pretty boring lately.

I got my Canon HFS10 back in 2009 and have used it with my Letus Lens Adapter in a many number of video footages. It was exciting back then!

My Canon T4i came in 2011 and was used for a number of video commercials and music videos. Most of my footages were taken using a "nifty fifty" lens. It got the job done.

My not so latest digital eye was the GoPro Hero4 Black. At first I didn't know what to make of it. I wasn't into sports nor was I into "action" video shoots. So it just laid dormant for the duration of its life.

I decided to use it and realized that the whole "wide shot" was pretty cool - up to a certain extent. And then it became mundane again. And I just let it sit in storage for the remainder of 2016.

The the GoPro Hero5 Black came out. With all the bells and whistles it offered, I asked myself what to make of my Hero4? I then found out that GoPro was offerening a software update to give me the option of having LINEAR mode, where the go pro now shoots like a regular camera at 2.7k!

Now I was definitely interested. I got out my GoPro Hero4 and started shooting. Just random shots but I was shooting once again. And then the nuance of have to screw/unscrew the darn thing just to mount/uncount it became an issue. I needed some quick release "thingy ma jiggy" if my GoPro Hero4 was to keep up with me.

I was able to get a Quick Release Tripod Mount on the Internet and boy did it make my life easy. I bought a lot so I can mount one on a tripod, a selfie stick, a car suction mount, a gorilla pod and other mounts you can think of.

It got me excited again! Seriously! I honestly saw the screw/unscrew thing a hindrance to my creative momentum. But with this new little nifty gadget. I'm shooting like crazy.

If you want to check it out yourself, I've added a link to where I got it from.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Rant Of the Left

We have the right to protest the things we don't like about our government. It is our right! And all that is perfectly fine.

What is irritating is when my brothers and sisters on the left keep on ranting about the current administration and when asked what would be a better alternative, reply with an "I don't know... I just know that this administration sucks!"

I would advise you to just keep your mouth shut because now, you're simply becoming irritating. Unless that's your true nature.

Meeting People by the Bridge

My father once told not to "burn my bridges". He also reminded me that the people I meet on the way up are the same people I will meet on the way down. He even said that it is more gratifying to influence other people than to be influenced by them. My father told me a lot of things! He was a great guy! No wonder when he passed away, we had to move the memorial service to a bigger place to accomodate all the people whose lives he'd help influence in one way or another...for the better.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Why Should I Filter My Words On My Blog?

Is it normal?

Should I be politically correct when it comes to expressing my thoughts?


So what now? What if I want to be vulgar? What if I want to speak my mind? What will happen or has happened to my "freedom of expression"?

Oh yeah... #PolitcalCorrectness. Definitely a "stinker". But it is what it is. Nonetheless, it's still effin' annoying!

Anyhoo, I've decided to do CPR on my blog - this blog - and bring it back from the "dead". Besides, I'm a writer (says me) and I love doing this! I used to write good content when I didn't care about other people's opinion. But I care now. Am I less effective as a writer now?

I'll find out soon enough.